5 Oct 2022

Producer and writer Callie Khouri takes us on the journey from script to screen of the beloved film Thelma and Louise. Equal parts inspiration (the story in its entirety just popped into her head one day), great timing (Ridley Scott was suddenly available to direct), and integrity (Callie refused to change the ending regardless of studio notes), the film is a remarkable success story that marks the revolutionary reinvention of female characters on screen.

28 Sept 2022

Producer Debra Martin Chase has worked with some of the greatest talents of our time, including Whitney Houston and Denzel Washington. In this episode, Debra talks about how her second career as a film producer began with the timeless classic The Princess Diaries. She explains how this special film inspired Julie Andrews' return to film after a 10 year hiatus and launched Anne Hathaway's career. Debra shares insights into breaking boundaries, forging your own path, what it means to be a leader, and provides glimpses into some of the behind the scenes magic from set.

21 Sept 2022

In this episode, Daniela's personal and professional lives intertwine as she interviews her father Jonathan Taplin. A producer, manager, writer, and professor, Jonathan began his career in film by producing Martin Scorsese's iconic Mean Streets. Having sunk his entire life savings into financing this film by a then unknown filmmaker, a combination of passion, ingenuity, talent, and luck led to the success of the film that would launch Scorsese's long and storied career.

21 Sept 2022

Producer Daniela Taplin Lundberg, who runs the all-female film and television production company Stay Gold Features, shares the inspiration behind the podcast. Growing up in Hollywood, Daniela watched her father learn how to produce from scratch during Martin Scorsese's Mean Streets, saw her mother become a successful actress, and witnessed movie magic for the first time on the set of her stepfather's film Major League. Now a successful producer having made magic of her own with films such as Harriet, Honey Boy, Beasts of No Nation, and The Kids Are All Right, Daniela created this podcast to allow producers to share the stories of all the blood, sweat, and tears that go into making Hollywood Gold.